The tasting session

All visits end by a tasting session in our guest room. It’s always a very important moment. There are three different kinds of session adapted to various types of groups:

  • Individuals or families: The tasting session is done with all the visitors present at the Museum at the time. It’s all about discovering various types of honey and their specific taste. We will start from the sweetest honey up to the strongest flavors, explaining their different uses along the way. We also have honey cakes and mead for adults. This tasting session is a moment of conviviality and an exchange between the visitors and the beekeeper.
  • Children groups (schools, summer camps…): Around the big table, children are served a bit of honey and a piece of honey cake. For some it’s a discovery; for others, a kind of reward.
  • Adult groups: The testing session is prepared in advance with plates filled with different kinds of honey on toasts, honey cakes, and our specialty: honey and cheese on a toast. Honey jars and bread are at your disposal, as well as home made cider. At the table, cheerfulness is de rigueur.
Our guestroom before the tasting session

Our guestroom before the tasting session

Each type of honey proposed during the tasting session is produced by the Museum. That’s why depending on the season and the year, some variation can happen in the types of honey available.