The following items are sold at the Museum’s store.

Honey (500g jars)

  • Spring Honey (semisolid, delicate flavor): 6.5€
  • Summer Honey (semisolid, moderate flavor): 6.5€
  • Acacia and Apple Tree honey (semisolid, clear colored, delicate flavor): 8€
  • Forest Honey, various June flowers: (semisolid or liquid, strong flavor): 8€
  • Chestnut Tree Honey (Strong bitter-sweet flavor): 8€
  • Tilia Honey: 8€
  • Acacia Honey (liquid and very clear colored): 8€

Honey, other sizes of jar

  • Small jar (250 g) : 4,5€, (Acacia 5€)
  • Small jar of honey spring, summer or forest (50g): 1.50€
  • Discovery box (6 different types of honey in 50g jars): 8€

discovery box

Note: All the honey sold at our store come from our hives, placed at various locations. Their availability is dependant on the amount we can harvest each year. The weather can make our production vary each year by a factor of 1 to 3, and in extreme cases reduce it to zero.

Honey candies

  • Honey candy bag (160g): 2.50€
  • Honey stuffed candy balls (160g): 2.50€

Other products

  • Beeswax candle (decoration: small hive or pine cone): 3€
  • Beeswax candle (decoration: teddy bear or frog): 3.90€
  • Beeswax candle (decoration: bee, owl, spinning top or small teddy): 2.50€
  • Dry mead bottle (75 cl): 9.50€
  • Sweet mead bottle (75 cl): 9.50€