Get all your senses tingling

Visiting the Living Museum is a treat for each of your senses:

– The genuine smell of honey hives greets you as you enter the museum near the glass hives. Later in the visit, you will smell honey and wax in the honey house. Fragrances vary depending on the seasons and the flowers blooming around the various hives. You might also get a kick out of the perfume of hot bee wax.
– Listen the the fluttering of bees moving around in the glass hives, and fly on and off of the hives. This sound is a very important vital sign, and the beekeeper is very attentive to it. Hear the bees fly from one flower to the next as you stroll on our discovery trail. You will also hear the buzzing of the honey extractor, and the subtle sound the honey makes when it is flowing in the pipes
– Get a taste of all the sweet nuances of the varied honey offered during the tasting session. Enjoy all the natural flavors that mother Nature has to offer in this uncanny alchemy that blends flowers, sunlight, bees and men.